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    Packaging for Direct Mail

    We provide a large selection of premium bespoke packaging for your products. The term “custom mailer boxes” is often used to refer to standard-sized boxes designed for postal delivery. If you’d like, we may create a unique mailer box with your company’s name and emblem for you. We take the client’s product dimensions into account while designing the mailer box that will house their merchandise. When it comes to our bespoke mailer packaging, we never skimp on the materials.



    Quantity of Mailboxes Required and Their Price

    Custom mailer boxes are rarely used by businesses because of their perceived high cost. Customers of The Mailer Box, on the other hand, can obtain a price quotation instantly and know exactly what their package will cost before they ever place an order. We advise our customers to think about things like the amount needed, the weight, and the design before settling on a pricing. No surprises here; consumers may adjust a number of variables to tailor the cost of customization to their needs.


    Packaging Materials: Tuck-Top Envelopes

    The tuck top mailer box is one of the most popular and widely used mailer box styles. Packing goods of any sort inside these boxes guarantees their safe arrival at their destination. However, if you’re looking for corrugated material that’s tailored specifically to your needs, The Mailer Box has you covered there, too. The needs of the consumer base are taken into account while designing personalized Kraft mailer boxes.


    Postal shipping containers made of corrugated cardboard

    When shipping a big item, sturdy boxes like this come in handy. Corrugated mailer boxes are the best choice if the box has to hold a lot of things. Moving, bulk buying, and big things all benefit greatly from such packaging. The three-layer construction of corrugated mailers ensures that even the heaviest items will remain upright and secure throughout shipping.


    Producing Mailing Boxes

    In addition to standard mailers, tiny postal boxes, and Kraft mailers, The Mailer Box also carries flat boxes. Mailing boxes may be personalized for businesses with a company’s logo, image, and text. White cardboard stock and specialized rigid boxes are also part of our inventory. There is a wide selection of mailer boxes available to customers. Mailer box layout is another service we provide. Mailer boxes may be customized with features like lamination (glossy or matte), stickers, and ribbons. You may be confident that your needs will be met at the lowest feasible price.


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